An Excel-based many-to-many dataset lookup tool by John N. Engelmann


XLookup is an Excel macro that allows one to compare one or more ranges across one or more workbooks/worksheets with one another on the fly.


"Left" and "right" datasets can be defined on-the-fly, mostly with a simple series of mouse clicks thanks to a concise userform designed to minimize the work required (no need to upload Excel- or CSV-based data to a database and writing many lines of SQL to query the data). "Flag" feature adds a hit count next to rows of matching data, and the "copy" feature makes data mapping or JOIN-like operations possible. An arbitrary number of workbooks/worksheets can be compared against one another, with up to sixteen match criteria columns and sixteen "copy" columns.


XLookup is provided as-is with no warranty. As with any downloadable file, there may be risks associated with opening and using XLookup. You are strongly encouraged to scan the file with a malware detection tool before opening it.


xlookup.xlsb (released 11 Oct 2018)