An Excel-based hex editor by John N. Engelmann


HexL is an Excel macro that allows one to view and edit the contents of any file at the byte level from within Microsoft Excel.


HexL displays data using both a hexadecimal grid and an 8-bit-character text field.
Text is displayed using code page 437 to facilitate editing legacy IBM/DOS data files.
Users can search files for text strings by hitting CTRL+F.
A resizeable editor grid allows for more logical viewing of data files with fixed-length fields.


HexL is provided as-is with no warranty. As with any downloadable file, there may be risks associated with opening and using HexL. You are strongly encouraged to scan the file with a malware detection tool before opening it.

The purpose of HexL is to allow users to view and modify the contents of most files. This opens up the risk that "hiddden" data can be revealed, and data can be modified or removed, intentionally and unintentionally. As such, you are strongly encouraged to make backup copies of any files that you open in HexL. It is your responsibility to use HexL only for legal purposes.


hexl.xls (released 4 Oct 2018)