Deranged Wizard's Castle runs in a web browser. Start a new game here.


At this time only a desktop version of DWC is available, and you will need a keyboard with a numeric keypad to play.

Also, beware that at this time it is not possible to save your progress in the game. To restart your game, refresh your browser.

Screen Layout

The "frame" is an area shown in the upper-left of the web browser, usually with a black background. The castle is displayed one "frame" at a time. Each frame made up of "cells", which is the smallest unit of space in the game. The player takes up one cell, as does each enemy and each object. Each frame is 24 cells from west-to-east and 18 cells from north-to-south. Usually the frame corresponds to an entire room in the castle; however, some rooms are made up of muliple frames.

To the right of the frame is the "dashboard", which shows how much energy, money, and bombs the player has, as well as status messages. Keep an eye out for status messages, which include urgent information about the player's condition as well as details about the current room that are not shown in the frame.

Interacting with the Game


In DWC, it is possible to walk in eight directions by using the numeric keypad (corresponding key in parentheses):

After walking in any direction, you continue to face that direction until you begin walking in a new direction.

Many times you will see cells that touch at their corners. You can go between these corners by walking diagonally (pressing 7, 9, 1, or 3) through them.


Use the "5" key in the center of the numeric keypad to hit whatever is in front of you with a weapon. You can only attack in the direction you are currently facing. To start attacking in a different direction, try walking in that direction and then resume attacking.

There is a limit to how quickly you can attack; if you hit "5" very rapidly, it will not work, and the game will remind you to slow down. Note that you have to hit the "5" key separately each time you want to hit something with your weapon, and it doesn't matter how long you hold down the key (in other words, you can't "rapid fire" by holding down "5").

If you have multiple weapons, your most powerful weapon will be used automatically. If you have no weapons, you can still fight enemies by punching them—simply use the "5" key just like you would with a weapon. Your fist is enough to fight very weak enemies, but you will need to punch stronger ones many times to make any progress. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a proper weapon ASAP!

Weapons wear down a little every time they are used for an attack, and eventually all weapons will break. It's a good idea to carry an extra weapon at all times in case one breaks; otherwise, you'll have to use your fist until you get a new one.

If you need to attack from a distance, you can also throw weapons at an enemy. Thrown weapons inflict a lot more damage than using the "5" key, but keep in mind most weapons can be thrown very few times before they break. A good rule of thumb is to only throw weapons when you are in danger or you are fighting an especially powerful enemy. For instructions on throwing weapons, see the "Requests" section.


For most other actions that you can take in the game, you will need to type in a request. The game understands many short phrases (one to four words in length).

Here are some of the commands you can use:

This is only a brief list—there are many more commands! Use your imagination and experiment to see what else you can do in the game.

Ending and Restarting Games

If you want to stop playing, you can just close the browser or go to a new URL—the game is played online, so you can start a new game at any time. To re-start a game from the beginning, refresh your browser.


Your energy is shown in the dashboard, next to the heart-shaped icon. Energy ranges from 1 to 99; if it drops below 1, the player dies, and if it goes above 99, the player gets sick.

You lose a very small amount of strength for each cell that you walk through, and more (sometimes a lot more) when you fall into a pit, or when an enemy attacks you.

Energy can be gained by eating food, which can be found throughout the castle. Another way to gain energy is by resting: if your energy drops to a low level, you can regain some of it by leaving and re-entering the castle, because this gives the player a chance to rest. When starting a new game, you are only given an energy of 10; thus, it's best to play it safe early on in the game by sticking close to castle entrances, and only veering further out when you have built up a lot of energy.